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Have you ever wondered what happens behind-the-scenes here at Firefly Coaching?

Believe it or not, creating a CV isn’t just about writing! There are many considerations to creating a stand-out document which any good CV writer needs to know.

Here’s a run-down of what I do to create the best products for my customers…

Reading through employment histories & other details

I frequently tell customers that I never make assumptions about their jobs. This is true! Every position is unique- even if you work in an entry-level role for a nationwide employer, there will be something different about your branch or role and, most importantly, what you bring to it. 

When you place a CV order, I read through your employment details, and gather additional information through telephone or email to ensure I have a good understanding of your responsibilities and anything else related to your role. I also read the application documents for specific positions, which is not something to be rushed!

Identifying your key skills

A ‘Key skills’ section is an essential feature of a good CV. Not only do they reflect the essence of what you can do, but they also relate to what you want to do. They give recruiters what they need to know in a snapshot, to pass that ‘30 second’ rule before deciding whether to keep or bin your application. When I write CVs, I have to understand what the applicant’s key skills are and also what they ‘should’ be from the perspective of your preferred industry or employer. Using the right keywords also helps with Applicant Tracking Systems, so your application doesn’t get overlooked by mistake. 

Identifying your strengths and achievements

I aim to make your CV shine – and by doing so, you are more likely to secure interviews! I use my expertise to ascertain which of your career strengths to highlight to ensure it is fully tailored to your needs. If you’re not sure what these might be, I will make suggestions so you can pin them down. Many customers have found this process to be a great precursor to job interviews, as it has helped them to clarify their achievements and feel more confident. 

Producing a suitable CV layout

Many people are aware of the difference between chronological and functional CV layouts- but it doesn’t end there! I write CVs for people at all career stages- from those starting out, and those in top senior positions – each customer needing something different. 

Your CV layout is determined by many factors, such as what you want to emphasize and how much experience you have. For example, career changers typically need to highlight their transferable skills so their relevant experience is immediately obvious. 

Writing the content

Despite the differences between layouts, there are usually three key sections I will need to compose for each CV. These are the Personal Profile, your Key Skills, and your Employment History (which often go by other names). 

The Personal Profile is a summary of (yes, you’ve guessed it!) your personal qualities and career. It’s important that this feels authentic to you and describes you in a way that relates your career history to your ongoing aspirations.

The job descriptions are typically the ‘meat’ of each CV. I write genuine depictions of your duties whilst showcasing the skills relevant to prospective employers. 

Writing a CV may also entail verifying specific details such as name spellings, jargon and researching statistics which can be used to demonstrate the credentials of your employment background. 

Formatting and presentation 

After all that attention to detail, it’s important to step back and consider what the CV looks like upon the first view. Does it make an impact? I want to grab the recruiter’s attention without being fussy – and let them know that you mean business!

There are other CV sections that I could talk about, such as education, voluntary work, and professional memberships. The list is as unique as the customer!

Now you have read an overview of what I do to produce tailored CVs, what are your thoughts? Is it different from what you expected? I’d love to hear your comments!

To your success!


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