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Career Coach?  

I offer a quality service that combines both practical support and transformational coaching. I have helped many hundreds of people reach their career goals over the past 14 years in the public sector.  As one of the few licensed Essence™️ coaches in the UK, I also offer cutting-edge techniques not currently available through anyone else in the careers/employability sector.

 Combining my expertise with Essence™️ tools, I can help you to let go of unhelpful beliefs, behaviours and emotional stuckness so you have clarity, confidence and motivation to pursue a fulfilling career that reflects your values. 

I can also support you through tailored advice and guidance on a range of employability subjects, such as job searching and interview preparation.



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Some of the services I offer as a Career Coach:



  • Practical careers and job searching information, advice and guidance
  • Unique tools to help you gain clarity about your direction, passion or purpose
  • Identify your skills, interests and natural talents which lead to realistic career options
  • CV writing, review and advice
  • Application support – including cover letter review and writing
  • Social media presence- gain a professional LinkedIn Profile and learn how to utilise social media to enhance your career
  • Find out how to gain access to paid or voluntary opportunities in your chosen field
  • Interview preparation support, tailored to your target role
  • Energise SMART career goals that are in integrity with the rest of your life

Would you like to find out more? Call me today on 01453 705 103.  

Want To Know What To Expect From My Coaching Services?

My Career  Coaching Services

Below is a selection of services I currently offer. To view our full list of services click here. 
You may prefer to book a single coaching session if we haven’t worked together before.

      Career Coaching Session          (1 hour)


Online or in person- please email me first to check availability for face-to-face appointments.

        Preparing for Career Change (3 hours)


Are you wanting to change career but feel immobilised by fear? This coaching package will help you to explore and let go of limiting beliefs doubts which hold you back.  

                   Career Review                      (4 hours)


Are you unsure about what to do next in your working life? This coaching package will help you clarify your priorities and take your next steps with confidence. 

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