“I had four sessions with Katie. She had a welcoming, gentle, searching presence which made me feel able to talk to her freely and frankly. She directed me towards questions I might not have considered. I felt better for her sessions.”

Jane, Gloucestershire

“This practice has the potential to work for many challenges. It is something you can carry away with you past the sessions – tools and practices that are thoughtful, simple and really powerful. I am still using them daily now.

MS, Gloucestershire

“Katie is an extremely good coach and helped me to uncover  something which has been lurking for decades. I now feel some sense of inner peace. I never expected this would be so effective and so powerful- This approach really works”

Philip, Stroud

“I felt really relaxed with Katie and felt comfortable to be open and vulnerable. I really felt she was with me. I loved how she celebrated my goal with me!”


“Katie is wonderful. Helpful, considerate and extremely caring- she looks beyond the obvious to help me in a way no one has since I became unemployed.”

PC, Gloucester

“Katie helped me to gain clarity and plan ahead…I saved my business £4k in one year”

CH, Gloucester

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