Transitions Life Coaching Package


Has life recently changed, and you have lost your sense of purpose and direction? Are you wondering how to move on from the old and regain vitality? Would you like to make positive steps towards a new life, with the support of an experienced coach? This transformative package includes 12 hours of Essence™️ coaching tailored to your unique needs, with regular support activities to strengthen and maintain your clarity, resilience and keep you on track. This course will require a commitment of approximately 1-2 hours per week.



• 3 month package of ongoing support
• 12 one-to-one Essence™️ Coaching sessions tailored to you
• Available online or in person by Skype or Zoom (depending on location)
• Regular activities by email to deepen self-awareness and strengthen your resilience, focus and self-care
• Experience Essence™️ meditations facilitated for you on a one-to-one basis
• Receive £90 discount off Secret Garden’s Essence™️ Online & Forgiveness courses


Women and men…

• feeling at a crossroads in life but don’t know what to do next
• wanting to do something new and be supported to move beyond fear
• choosing a different path and wanting accountability to achieve to your goals
• after redundancy or loss of career direction
• after divorce or other relationship loss
• experiencing ‘early life’, ‘midlife’ or ‘senior life’ crisis
• curious about possibilities after a change in health or abilities


• Take stock and clarify your values and priorities with laser sharp precision
• Identify your unique next steps towards the happy life you choose
• Gain accountability as you take action towards your goals
• Learn how to safely release limiting beliefs, feelings and sabotaging behaviour using Essence™️
• Discover new interests and possibilities that serve your new life choices
• Dedicated space and time each week to focus on your cherished goals
• Formulate an effective plan of action to achieve your goals


• Learn how to move through resistance to change and free up personal energy
• Identify and dissolve self-sabotaging beliefs which prevent you from living the life you deserve
• Recognise your Stage of Change and what that means for you
• Identify positive strategies to support you whilst you progress towards your goals
• Energise your vision for what you want in life
• Work with your inner child to develop authentic confidence and self-appreciation
• Identify any areas where you need to let go and release old attachments
• Let go of imperfection and fear of showing up as you are
• Increase your emotional intelligence and find out when you are driven by fear, anger or pride
• How to retain presence and gratitude wherever you are in life
• How to recognise hidden influences which sabotage decision making
• Goal setting in integrity with your values



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