As a person-centred coach, I love helping others to live their best lives. My approach includes everything you would expect from a quality service – such as goal setting and accountability- whilst enabling you to make longer lasting life changes through deep inner enquiry. 

I tailor each session to your needs, whether it is for Career or Life coaching, using transformational Essence™️ tools to reach the best outcome. 



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What is Essence™️ ?

Essence™️ is an elegant approach founded by Joy Hicklin-Bailey of Secret Garden after 30 years’ as a Psychotherapist and Teacher. It is deceptively simple yet profound and will help you get to the root of anything that is holding you back from your preferred life.

Depending on your unique needs, I use Essence™️ tools to safely explore and clear unhelpful beliefs and feelings which prevent you from making the changes you want in your life.

If you have not experienced Essence™️ before, you may be wondering what it involves or may feel like. The best description I have is that it is a conscious meditation facilitated by me as your coach. You can be assured that it is suitable for people from all backgrounds and faiths and you do not need any prior knowledge or experience.

If you are seeking support with your career, Essence™️ will increase your motivation for achieving your goals and enable you to let go of any inner holdbacks (such as shame, guilt, limiting beliefs etc).
Essence™️ also naturally dissolves feelings of unease. My personal experience of using Essence™️ over the last 7 years has been that it enhances and maintains positive wellbeing. Feedback from clients has also showed that it can be very beneficial for reducing symptoms of anxiety or depression.

It is quite common for clients to request coaching for one area of life and then to realise they need support with something else. My perspective is that the ‘areas’ of life are not separate- they impact each other, and in any case, you are in all of them! This is why I offer Essence™️ for both career and life coaching.

My Commitment To You

All appointments are completely confidential, and I am registered with the ICO for Data Protection. I am fully insured for Public Liability and Professional Indemnity.

In my commitment to delivering quality services, I keep up-to-date with developments in the employability and careers field.

I undertake continuing professional development and supervision throughout the year with Essence™️ founder Joy Hicklin-Bailey (Secret Garden), as well as using the Essence™️ approach in my daily life. I follow the Association for Coaching’s professional code of conduct

Find Out How Coaching Can Benefit You

My Coaching Services

Below is a selection of services I currently offer. To view the full list of services click here. 
You may prefer to book a single coaching session if we haven’t worked together before.  

Career Changer CV


Fully tailored CV optimised to your preferred position/sector or industry.  

4 Life Coaching Sessions


Online by Zoom or Skype.     Book a FREE Discovery phone call here to ask me more about my service.

Plan Your Career Change


Are you feeling stuck, fed-up and unsure how to change your career? This coaching package includes 6 hours of one-to-one support as well as an online course and exclusive Facebook group. 

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