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As a Licensed CCS Career Coach, I employ a person-centred approach, using core counselling skills to support you with your career-related decisions. 

Throughout the coaching process, you will be invited to undertake carefully selected career-related activities, which we will explore together to increase your self-awareness and help you identify your interests, values, feelings and thoughts relating to your career choices and direction. 

The 4 Stages of Career Coaching

I am also licensed to practice Essence™️ Coaching, which is an elegant approach founded by Joy Hicklin-Bailey of Secret Garden. It is deceptively simple yet profound and will help you to safely let go of unhelpful beliefs and feelings which prevent you from making the changes you want in your life.

It is suitable for people from all backgrounds and faiths and you do not need any prior knowledge or experience.

My personal experience of using Essence™️ over the last 7 years has been that it enhances and maintains positive wellbeing.


Some of the benefits to my service: 

How Can Career Coaching Benefit You?

My Coaching Services

Below is a selection of services I currently offer. To view the full list of services click here.   

 30-minute consultation call


Book now to find out if my approach is right for you and find out how I can support you to reach your career goals. 

             Career Coaching Session (1 hour) 


Tailored session by Zoom to address your career goals.  

Career Development Package (4.5 hours)


This coaching  package will help you take stock of your career history so you can move forwards with clarity.

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