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I offer a quality service that combines both practical support and transformational coaching. I have helped many hundreds of people reach their career goals over the past 14 years, and as one of the few licensed Essence™️ coaches in the UK, I offer cutting-edge techniques not currently available through anyone else in the careers/employability sector.

 Careers coaching is much more than an information service – you will also receive tailored support to help you address the areas in which you lack confidence or clarity.
You may want specific ‘how to’ advice and guidance on a range of subjects, such as job searching or interviews, however you will also benefit from individualised support to overcome your unique challenges. I will use my expertise combined with Essence™️ tools to help you to let go of unhelpful limiting beliefs, behaviours and emotional stuckness so you have energy and motivation to pursue a fulfilling career that reflects your gifts and talents.



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Some of the benefits of working with me as your careers coach:



  • Practical careers and job searching information, advice and guidance
  • Unique tools to help you gain clarity about your direction, passion or purpose
  • Identify your skills, interests and natural talents which lead to realistic career options
  • CV writing, review and advice
  • Application support – including cover letter review and writing
  • Social media presence- gain a professional LinkedIn Profile and learn how to utilise social media to enhance your career
  • Find out how to gain access to paid or voluntary opportunities in your chosen field
  • Interview preparation support, tailored to your target role
  • Energise SMART career goals that are in integrity with the rest of your life

Want more information? I am happy to discuss my services in more detail before you make a booking- contact me at katie @ 

Want To Know What To Expect From My Coaching Services?

My Careers  Coaching Services

Below is a selection of services I currently offer. To view our full list of services click here. 
If we haven’t worked together before, you may prefer to book a Discovery Coaching Session to experience how I work and make the right choice for you.

      Careers Coaching Session          (1 hour)


Online or in person- please email me first to check availability for face-to-face appointments.

     4 Careers Coaching Sessions     (4 hours)


Save £16 when you block book and secure ongoing support. Each session is one hour.

       Explorer Careers Package         (12 hours)


Do you long to pursue a passion or hobby professionally but feel stuck? Have you reached a point in your career where you are considering ‘what’s next?’

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For more information about the coaching services I offer or for any general enquiries please contact me on 01453 705103 or alternatively use the contact form below.

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