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My message for today is: DON’T GIVE UP!
Goals can take longer to accomplish than we anticipate. And if you are extending beyond your usual area of expertise, you might find it a challenge to identify a realistic time frame of achievement. This is an excellent reason (as if you needed any) to be kind to yourself. Changing careers or expanding your comfort zone can be tough!

It can be easy to look at other people’s success journeys and fall into the comparison trap. When we want to accomplish something, it makes sense to find out how others did it first. But, the problem with this is that our perception of other people’s success is distorted by an outside view. Typically we only see the end result. And when we see more than that, it can create an even greater distortion because we might think we know it all.

Take television singing contests, for example. The process appears to be transparent. It would be easy to assume (even if we don’t consciously think so), that we understand what is involved. But it’s important to remind ourselves – whatever success story we see from the outside – that there is more going on behind the scenes than we know. In the case of shows like Britains Got Talent, there are vocal coaches, wardrobe dressers, make-up artists, legal experts… I could go on! And simply knowing this information is not enough to understand what it means to be in the position of a contestant.

So, when we consider our own journey to success, we need to be careful when we compare ourselves with others. You will have your own strengths and challenges. There will be blindspots to what you think you know. You know you will need to work hard, but may be surprised how your resilience and emotional fortitude are tested.

So, what do you do if success is out of reach and you feel stuck on the way there?

TIP 1 – Remember the reason you want to pursue your goals

Motivation keeps you going when the going gets tough. If yours is low, take a few moments to consider what your goal means to you, and what difference it would make to your life once it is realised. Whilst you ponder on these questions, list down as much detail as you can. You might prefer to make a collage or draw a picture to represent what your future life will look like. Place this somewhere you can see every day, to remind yourself of your goal and motivate yourself to take consistent action.

TIP 2 – Identify what you can accomplish now

Some goals are bigger than others. Whether you want to compete in the big space race or run a sustainable farm (or something else), it is important to make sure you have achievable sub-goals that provide satisfaction along the way. And, if you are experiencing feelings of frustration, sadness or hopelessness, make sure you bring a little of your big goal’s essence into your life now. How can you do this? Consider the essential aspect of your goal – is it that you will help others, have autonomy, lead a team…? Once you know what it is, brainstorm realistic ways you can experience this in your life now. It will be on a lesser scale than your big goal, but I guarantee there will be SOME way to experience this meaningfully. Review your list of ideas and commit to a new achievable action (with a date) so you can experience the essence of your goal. Feel your soul sigh with relief and rejuvenation!

TIP 3 – Create a clear(er) action plan

If you don’t have a strategy to achieve your big goal, you are leaving it to fate. Even if you do, the likelihood is (as you are reading this), it may not be working for you.

Put aside 20-30 minutes to review your goal. Ask yourself; is it clear? Is it achievable? If you’re not sure, that’s ok as your emotions act as an excellent indicator. Do you feel motivated by your goal? Positive? Excited? Confident? If any of the answers to these are ‘no’, you may need to amend your plan so it is achievable. An action plan that doesn’t help you to achieve your goal is worse than having none at all as it will waste your valuable time. Be honest about where you are now so you can find the next step and start to make progress.

TIP 4 – Surround yourself with supporters

A problem shared is a problem halved. Share your goals with supportive allies who will encourage you to keep going throughout your personal journey to success. Support can come in many guises- it may be emotional, practical or financial.

Allies who value you at your best and believe in what you want to bring into the world are priceless. They may be accountability partners, mentors, coaches, role models or understanding friends. Your personal vision of success matters, and it is even more powerful when you share it with others.

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