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I’ve been getting lots of interest and enquiries about Essence™️ so I thought I would answer some of your questions here- specifically, what IS Essence™️ Coaching, and how can it benefit you?

Essence™️ Coaching is an elegant approach, particularly as it benefits adults from any background without prior knowledge or understanding. It was founded by Joy Hicklin-Bailey (Secret Garden) after 30 years as a successful Coach, Psychotherapist and Teacher. It is well tried and tested!

It includes everything that quality coaching has- including goal setting and accountability – yet its core is much more profound than these. Essence™️ is unique as it also allows you to safely explore and clear underlying beliefs, patterns, feelings or behaviours that keep you stuck. As an Essence™️ Coach I can guide you through a deceptively simple process to let go of what is holding you back (if you choose) and find your own answers or resolutions. These solutions may seem to come from ‘nowhere’ or it may feel as if you have rediscovered something hidden you had known all along. However it is for you, you will feel clearer, lighter and ready to achieve your goals.

The great news is that there is no need to ‘work it out’ for Essence™️ to be effective. In fact, if you are someone who frequently ‘gets stuck’ trying to figure things out (like I was), this could be the ideal approach for you.

Essence™️ is powerful as it naturally dissolves feelings of unease. My own personal experience over the last 7 years has been that it enhances and maintains positive wellbeing. Feedback from clients has also showed that it can be very beneficial for people experiencing anxiety or depression. One of the many reasons for this is that Essence™️ allows you to be just as you are, even as you choose to change, rather than making you ‘wrong’. Through the gentle processes that I use, you can discover self-acceptance and compassion safely within yourself.

There is so much more I could say about this!

Keep the questions coming and I will add further updates here.

To your success!

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Disclaimer: Essence™️ is a highly successful approach for self-improvement in mental, emotional and physical balance. Essence™️ approaches and materials are not intended to replace treatments for medical or psychological conditions by licensed medical practitioners, psychologists or other health care professionals.

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