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It may feel compelling to set New Year Resolutions, but studies show that most people don’t stick to them for very long. After an initial surge in motivation- boosted by the buzz of ‘resolution season’ – many find that their commitment wanes after the first 30 days. Why is this?

A lot of New Year resolutions get set from a place of frustration or negativity. “Oh, it’s about time I gave up smoking”. “I’m sick of…” We may react against what we don’t want, but then discover this is not enough to help us move towards what we do want. This is an important lesson in goal achievement. If we put too much emphasis on what we don’t want, we simply create more of the same.

However, this doesn’t mean we should ignore negative feelings or fears. To do so would be unkind to ourselves. Nevertheless, we also have to make space for the new we want to create.

The middle path

If you feel moved to change your life this year, make sure that you give quality attention to what it is you choose. If you want to give something up, make sure your focus is on the thing you will have more than the thing you won’t.

Take a moment now to consider who you are as the person who makes this change for your life. How does this choice benefit you? How do you feel as someone who lives this choice? What do you do as someone who lives this choice? What supports you to choose this today, tomorrow, and the next day?

The good news is you do not need to know everything about your goal outcome before you take action towards it. You will grow during the process of change, and as you do, each step will become clearer. And you can come back to this enquiry as often as you like…

To your success!


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