You may have come across a quote, often credited to Einstein, that says “insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”. Whatever its origin, this quote contains a kernel of truth worth remembering. I would rephrase it like this- “It is not wise to do the same thing over and over if it doesn’t produce the results you need and then to expect different results”. I often see people stuck in this place, and have been there myself, trying to ‘work out’ a situation, getting nowhere, going around and round with the same questions and concerns in their heads. It’s very common. There’s nothing ‘wrong’ with being in that place, and yet…if you demand a solution to come like this, you block one coming another way. Beyond thought.

The Essence™️ approach I use at Firefly Coaching supports you to become present with what is. The ‘answer’ for your life situation may involve more than attaining facts or knowledge. It may involve a letting go of something which doesn’t serve you; an attitude, a belief, a memory. It may involve a big shift in your life. If you are considering changing career, or making other significant life changes, you deserve to receive facilitation in this process which will serve your potential, to also discover what is beyond facts or knowledge.

Your ‘answer’ may involve deep personal enquiry, a willingness to be open to what you don’t already know, a willingness to accept that you don’t know everything that you wish. This may feel frightening to do on your own. When I work with you, I understand that transformation can be challenging. I have undertaken profound ongoing personal development with Secret Garden, founder of Essence™️, for over six years, and continue to do so.

Your ‘answer’ might require a short journey. Or perhaps your ‘answer’ leads you to a whole new journey in life. Be open to possibility- you never know where it may lead.


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