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I understand. It’s hard to be with the indecision and fear which can come with career uncertainty. Believing you will ‘work out’ your career, as a challenge to overcome, is a seductive, although ultimately problematic stance to take. It means that you treat your life – and yourself – like a problem that needs to be solved.

Just like life, your career unfolds as you grow. As you gain experience, exposure to new people, ideas, influences, expertise. It evolves as you do. Because of this, you can’t ‘work it out’.  I know, I know. It’s not what many people want to hear. You can, however, pause information-seeking for a moment. Just long enough to notice where you are and where you want to be for the next moment.

Your career is not separate from the rest of your life

You are an ever-changing gloriously evolving human being. Do you really want to believe that life, your career, could be different? Can you expect to know the ‘answer’ to your perfect career when you may not yet be the person who will make it happen?

There are people who ‘know’ what career they want from an early age. They might have their path mapped out in front of them. These people are in a minority though. Their ‘certainty’ may come from family conditioning and societal ideas about what is attractive, available, or possible. The certainty itself doesn’t mean it is the right path for them, or that it has anything to do with who they are.

If we strip back all the career ‘shoulds’, ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’, we are left with the human vulnerability of simply wanting to live each day well and meet our needs. Wouldn’t you rather choose your career with this honesty of who you are, rather than make decisions from endless surface information? Career coaching is a process that helps you to get in touch with your values, so you can make career decisions based on them.

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