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Career Change & Transition

Are you unhappy at work? Is it time for a career change?

The average person spends a third of their life at work, during which time they can expect to experience substantial change, whether it is within their industry, organisation or personal life. Career coaching empowers you to navigate transition with greater ease and confidence.

Who is career change coaching suitable for?

  • Dissatisfied professionals who want to change career or are already in transition
  • People who feel their career has lost meaning or purpose – or never had it
  • Professionals who want to create a career development plan with unbiased support

See the Career Satisfaction package and Career Development package for more information.

Jobseeker Coaching

Have you been made redundant?

Are you returning to work after a career gap?

Gain tailored coaching and job application advice to boost our confidence and prepare you for your next opportunity. It can feel intimidating to job search in today’s economy, especially if you have not done so until recently. I provide quality CV and application advice as well as other bespoke support as you need it such as interview confidence coaching.


Who is jobseeker coaching suitable for?

  • Job searchers needing to pivot their choices due to industry changes
  • Professionals who are unexpectedly out of work after recent redundancy
  • Parents and carers returning to work after raising children

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"Katie was able to help me find threads in my interests and skills that I had not considered before and I came away with clarity and feeling more positive about my possible next steps.” - OA

“Katie is wonderful. Helpful, considerate and extremely caring- she looks beyond the obvious to help me in a way no one has since I became unemployed.” Paul, Gloucester

"Katie works in a way which made me feel safe, heard and supported. The session enabled me to see patterns in what I find interesting about different jobs. By the end of the session, I felt I had gained more clarity." Lizi, Stroud

Selected Career  Coaching Services

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     1 Career Coaching Session


Online appointments for your convenience. Flexible coaching to fit your needs. Can be booked on an ongoing basis or ad-hoc. 

Career Development Package


Are you feeling stuck in your career and want to identify a satisfying development pathway? I can help you to explore your aspirations and identify achievable actions that will help you progress towards your goals.


       Career Satisfaction Package


Do you feel lost in your working life, without vitality, or a career that truly satisfies you? Gain a solid understanding of your strengths and skills and who you are when you are at your best.

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