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Career change and transition are so much more than going from one job to another.

It’s a process of adapting to change which tests your emotional and mental resilience. 

When you change careers, you are changing how you choose to identify yourself in the world of work. Your potential, your strengths, your skills. You’re making a different decision about who you are and what you can do.

Career transition takes courage, but it might not be as hard as you expect. The first inconvenient truth is, you won’t know exactly how it will be for you until you are in the process of change. There is so much unknown; about what it will be like after those initial first steps, for instance.

Sometimes excitement or a sense of your future potential can be enough to motivate you to get started. But, what if it isn’t enough, or you don’t feel that yet? The second inconvenient truth is, if you need to know how things will work out before leaving your comfort zone, then the change you want might not happen for you. 

But – wait. Don’t give up! Do you know where your comfort zone is? Can you feel the very edge of that comfortability? If so, you have a starting point. A recognition of the old and known and everything you can already do. You don’t want the same old anymore – you want a career that is in integrity with you and allows you to grow.  You are much more than you thought and you can feel this deep inside, otherwise, you would be content where you are.

When you realise that the old won’t give you what you want, the unknown suddenly has potential. You can see it from a new perspective. The unknown is where possibility lives. That’s where your untapped potential is waiting.

So now you have some desire for change, uncertainty, and knowing what doesn’t work or what you can do. This is the territory of very early career transition. And if you are willing to explore further, a day will come when you can leap and dance in and out of your comfort zone because it has become your friend. The third inconvenient truth of career transition is…your strength never came from your comfort zone anyway. It was within you all the time!

Career transition may be different than you imagine. If you would like to find out how coaching can support you through a career transition, book a 30-minute no-strings consultation call. It’s free, so the only thing to lose is uncertainty. Are you ready to go on an adventure?

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