Career coaching & cv services

Do you feel stuck and overwhelmed in your working life, unsure about the best career direction?

Would you like to identify your unique interests, strengths and ideal work/life balance as well as match your skills to attractive career options?

I’m Katie, the Career Coach at Firefly Coaching, and I deliver professional career counselling and CV writing services to support you wherever you are in your career journey.

I can help you to identify and achieve your career goals through in-depth career-focused explorations, using licensed CCS tools to increase self-awareness of your career interests, values, priorities and more!

Some of the benefits to my service: 

"Katie has a maturity way beyond her years. She is calm, considered and highly intuitive. If you want to find a new path in your life then I recommend a few sessions with her would be exceptionally useful."

Philip B, Stroud

“Katie is wonderful. Helpful, considerate and extremely caring- she looks beyond the obvious to help me in a way no one has since I became unemployed.” Paul, Gloucester

"Katie works in a way which made me feel safe, heard and supported. The session enabled me to see patterns in what I find interesting about different jobs. By the end of the session, I felt I had gained more clarity." Lizi, Stroud

My Coaching Services

Below is a selection of services I currently offer. To view the full list of services click here.   

 30-minute consultation call


Book now to find out if my approach is right for you and find out how I can support you to reach your career goals. 

             Career Coaching Session (1 hour) 


Tailored session by Zoom to address your career goals.  

Career Development Package (4.5 hours)


This coaching  package will help you take stock of your career history so you can move forwards with clarity.

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